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Analysis of Syria Polio Vaccination

Analysis of Syria Polio Vaccination - Trend
Analysis of Syria Polio Vaccination - Map

Our team has been working since 2014 in collaboration with SumAll Foundation on analyzing Polio vaccination campaings data from the Assistance Coordination Unit (ACU) [Arabic: وحدة التنسيق والدعم]. Together, our teams are developing this interactive dashboard that analyzes Polio vaccination campaigns in Syria for use by journalists, researchers, and the general public.

Data Source

Based on our analysis, we identified two statistically distinct groups where Not Reached Doses were the largest defining factor, with statistically significant districts within each group. There were no significant differences for those receiving their first dose. Based on insight from the vaccination team, it is likely the reason why children are not reached for follow-up doses is because of the high fluidity of refugee populations at vaccination sites.

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