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Building on our experiences and the momentum born out of the Solutions Summit, we want to elevate voices around the world to make the Sustainable Development Goals our global reality by 2030.

Our Organization


Humanitarian Tracker is a non-profit organization powered by volunteers. Our mission is to connect and empower citizens using innovation in technology for humanitarian events. We combine crowdsourcing and artificial intelligence for social good. Our team has been working in health, education, development and conflict. Humanitarian Tracker’s flagship project, Syria Tracker, has been crowdsourcing the Syria conflict since April 2011 and our data has been used by USAID, State Department, UNOCHA and mainstream media outlets. In 2016, we were selected as a top global innovation for addressing the Global Goals and showcased at the Solutions Summit, hosted at the United Nations.

The goals of the Global Action Mosaic are simple: 

  • Harness and showcase the power of ordinary people doing extraordinary things;

  • Be part of the effort to track and measure progress made towards the SDGs globally;

  • Use technology to connect people, organizations and create ImPACT Coalitions;

  • Make the SDGs famous! Only by raising awareness around the SDGs and their importance could we really have a chance of achieving them.


From now until 2030


In order to make the Global Goals a reality, everyone needs to be involved: governments, non-profit organizations, private sector and of course, civil society and people just like you. The Global Action Mosaic will present the work that is already being done globally around the goals and inspire citizens to get involved by creating a space where they can volunteer and support an existing project or create one themselves.


By providing an online open platform where ordinary citizens, non-profit organizations, members of the United Nations, companies and stakeholders around the world can share one or multiple project(s) on how they are part of community addressing the Global Goals for Sustainable Development. We want to channel all the positive energy and global momentum into something tangible. This platform will collect the data from the submissions and visualize it according to location and goal. The plan is to present the progress of this mosaic annually at the UN General Assembly through 2030. 

Learn More. Get Involved. Share Your Project.

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