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Chime for Change and Global Citizen

Education, Health & Justice for Every Girl. Every Woman. Everywhere.


Ushahidi, a small, non-profit technology company based in Kenya provides free and open source software as a platform through which one can leverage crowdsourced reports to generate live maps


A Women's Media Center (WMC) initiative, Women Under Siege is documenting and advocating against sexualized violence in conflict, such in this live crowdmap of sexualized violence in Syria. Founded by Gloria Steinem, this initiative explores historical evidence that sexualized violence occurred in wars from the Holocaust to the present day.


Machine Intelligence & Advanced Analytics


Quid is a platform that searches, analyzes and visualizes the world's collective intelligence to help answer strategic questions.

Crisis Net

CrisisNET finds, formats and exposes crisis data in a simple, intuitive structure that’s accessible anywhere. Now developers, journalists and analysts can skip the days of tedious data processing and get to work in minutes with only a few lines of code.

Index on Censorship

Index on Censorship is an international organisation that promotes and defends the right to freedom of expression. The inspiration of poet Stephen Spender, Index was founded in 1972 to publish the untold stories of dissidents behind the Iron Curtain.

Oxford Research Group

The Oxford Research Group (ORG) is an independent peace and security think-and-action-tank that has been influential for over 30 years in pioneering the idea of sustainable approaches to security as an alternative to violent global confrontation, through original research, wide-ranging dialogue, and practical policy recommendations.

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