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Analysis of Syria Killings

Our team has been working with SumAll Foundation since 2013 on analyzing killings data crowdsourced by Syria Tracker starting in April 2011. Together, our teams developed this interactive dashboard that analyzes causes of death from the conflict in Syria for use by journalists, researchers, and the general public.

Data Source
Syria Tracker
In Collaboration With
Syria Tracker

WIRED UK: Copy - Madhu Venkataramanan; Illustration - Signal Noise Team: Katie Lee, David Mosenkis, Phil Martin, Stefan Heeke

Humanitarian Tracker - Taha Kass-Hout, Hend Alhinnawi

"War's Wheel of Destruction" WIRED UK July Issue 2014
Targeting Healthcare Workers in Syria

Syria Tracker data shows that one thing hasn't changed since the beginning of the conflict in #Syria over five years ago: the systematic targeting of healthcare workers.

Spatio-temporal analysis of chemical attacks on civilians between Dec 23, 2012 thru Feb 28, 2016.  This includes the The Ghouta chemical attack occurred in Ghouta, Syria, during the Syrian Civil War in the early hours of 21 August 2013. Two opposition-controlled areas in the suburbs around Damascus, Syria were struck by rockets containing the chemical agent sarin. Syria Tracker crowdsourced reports of 1,330 people who died due to this attack.  

Civilian Targeting in Syria
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